MARIA365™ Facial Cleansing Sponge

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Thoroughly Cleanse Your Face In The Gentlest Way

Gently remove a day's worth of dirt from your face by using the NaturaFoam. Our premium NaturaFoam is made with natural and untreated  compressed cellulose that's soft on the skin.

Even better, the NaturaFoam is highly absirbent, making it better to use for cleaning than usual sponges. It shrinks down when not in use and fluffs up as soon as it absorbs water.

Key Benefits 

Gentle Material - Due to its ultra-soft texture, the NaturaFoam is perfect to use on the skin. It removes dirt and grime without stripping away moisture and natural oils.

Professional Grade - Its luxurious texture makes it stand out from usual foams and sponges. This way, you can use it both at home or even in your beauty business.

Natural & Biodegradable - Better yet, the NaturaFoam is eco-friendly, making you feel guilt-free when using it. It's made with zero chemicals and won't harm the environment once you toss it out in the trash.

Compact Size - Carry the NaturaFoam with you in your beauty bag wherever you go. This way, you can upkeep your beauty routine without a hassle.

Material: natural wood fiber
Color: yellow, blue, pink, green
Size: 8 cm diameter

Package includes:
1/5 pieces of facial sponge