MARIA365™ USB Apple Watch Charger

$29.99 $60

Hassle-Free Charging On The Go.

We know what you’re thinking, “It’s too good to be true. No cords AND it’s cute?! No way!” Well, for the lack of a better word - WAY! Our charges just as fast (if not faster) as the bulky cord that came with your Watch — or your money back! And unlike third-party chargers, it won’t overheat, damage your Apple Watch, or break in one day.

Truly Portable. Totally Cordless.

It literally attaches to your keychain. Yes, your keychain. Or your purse, overnight bag, fanny pack, you name it! It’s the size of a lighter, & fits in any of your pockets. A truly portable charger that gets rid of the cords and mess. On top of that, it charges literally anywhere - so you can stay powered on the go.

Apple Watch Charging, Redefined.

Constructed and optimized for the daily Apple Watch user. Contemporary, effortless, & cordless design. Trusted by thousands worldwide.

Super compact size

The most portable charger around. Fits on your keychain, in your bag, and even in your pocket! Eminently portable Charges ANYWHERE, power bank, laptop, charging block, etc.

Completely cord-less

 ZERO cords required. The first truly wireless charger, no-tangles, no-hassles. MFI certified fast-charging Charges quickly and efficiently using cutting-edge wireless charging technology