CryoRoll - Cold Massage Roller Ball

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Relax Your Muscles And Cool Down Your Skin

Send a rush of healthy blood cells and nutrients to specific parts of your body with the help of the CryoRoll. The CryoRoll provides you with an instant and relaxing way to flush out toxins from your body.

To make things better, the CryoRoll feels relaxing on the skin and its round head is perfect for kneading out knots and pains. The CryoRoll fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, making it easy for you to give yourself a soothing massage at any time of the day.

This cold massager features a removable free-rolling ball. Portable, lightweight, and easy to grip, it offers up to six hours of targeted cold therapy, longer than most similar rollers. Simply keep the device in the freezer in case it is needed to alleviate muscle pain and inflammation.Main Features - Alleviates muscle discomfort Stays cold for up to 6 hours Free-rolling ball Reduces inflammation

Key Benefits

Hot/Cold Relief - The CryoRoll can be used as both a hot and warm body massage roller. It's the perfect massage roller since it can adapt to your needs, whether you need it to ice up sore muscles or loosen up muscle knots around your body. Portable Size - With its small and compact size, the CryoRoll is easy to carry around anywhere. Pack it in your bag or luggage so that you can give yourself a massage anywhere you go. Easy To Use - Simply fill the CryoRoll up with cold or hot water to get it to your desired temperature. Once the CryoRoll is secure on its base, you can now give your body a relaxing massage. Sleek Design - The CryoRoll has a simple yet sleek design that makes it a must-have in every home. Its dome-shaped head helps you dig into sore muscles so that you can easily rid away toxins and pain within minutes.

How to Use

To remove the free rolling ball, twist upper container and remove cap. Massage is a great way to maintain health by enhancing blood circulation.

The boll massager can reach all parts of the body, so it can be used as a back massager/neck massager/deep tissue massager/arm massager/foot massager/leg massager/shoulder massager.

How often should you get a cryotherapy facial? Getting a cryotherapy facial 2-3 times a week. For 2-3 weeks is recommended to repair damaged skin, treat the symptoms of a skin condition, or to get a youthful glow.

What you get?

1*Massage Ball
1*Cloth bag
1*Gift Box