4-In-1 Cup Holder

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Expand your driving convenience

Ultracup is everything a driver needs on the road! Our 4in1 holder gives you space for two cups and room for your essentials without obstructing your reach from the stick! Ultracup is easily adjustable to your height preference and rotatable according to your needs! In the tray you will find a sturdy place to store your phone, meal or anything you need close by!

Ultracup gives you convenience unlike any other cup holder, it keeps your interior tidy and helps you stay accommodated on the road without ever having to take your eyes off the road! ► [360° Rotating & Adjustable Base]

R-LINK has 3 joints that can rotate 360 degrees, so you can freely adjust the desired position and height.

► [4 in 1 Space-Saving Design]
The cup holder for the car is equipped with 4 storage cups by adjusting the rotatable base, small in size and large in capacity, for the purpose of saving car space, and can hold 4 drinks at the same time. ► [Strong Holding Force] The Mintiml Cup Holder Expander Adapter is sturdy in design and can withstand the weight of 4 kinds of drinks. ► [Easy Installation] If the diameter of the vehicle cup holder is 68-98 mm, it can be easily installed on any vehicle type.

High-speed Wireless Charging Tips!

1. Mintiml cup holder expander adapter charging table. 2.Vehicle USB port that supports high-speed charging. 3. In order to facilitate high-speed charging of smartphones, please use a phone case with a thickness of less than 2 mm. How To Install For installation problems, please check the installation instructions below. Basic Parameters

☛ Color: Black
☛ Product Weight: 380 g
☛ Material: ABS, Poly Urethane
☛ Package Size: 149* 237* 120 mm
☛ Package Include:

Standard Edition

  • 1 fix body + 3 frame cups + 1 seamless cup + table

Wireless Charging Edition

  • 1 fix body + 3 frame cups + 1 seamless cup + table + wireless charging board

Why Ultracup is for you

Double the cup space- Go beyond the limits of your old cup holder, fit with ease two cups beside you in the space of one!

Always within reach- You don’t need to take your eyes off the road when all your essentials are just within your reach!

Organize your interior- Bring some order to your surroundings, fit your scattered accessories on the try to never search for them again!

Ultracup is the ultimate choice- Ditch your old cup holder for a device that can hold everything you need for you to stay accommodated on the road!