HeelSoft - Heels Cushioning Pads

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Relax Your Feet With This Comforting Heel Protector 

Standing and walking around all day can hurt your feet and give you blisters. This is why you need the HeelSoft to help you get through the day without a hassle.

The seamless look and attachment of the HeelSoft makes it feel like it’s already part of your shoe. You can also use it with different types of shoes, making it essential to have in your wardrobe.

Key Benefits

Durable Materials - The HeelSoft is made with soft breathable materials. It can withstand daily use without needing constant replacement.

Easy Installation - With its strong adhesive, it can be easily placed within your shoe. You can use the HeelSoft again and again even after washing it.

Anti-Slip Material - The HeelSoft does not cause you to sweat, which ensures that your foot remains secure all day. It also makes your shoe more comfortable to walk in.

Universal Fit - Our premium HeelSoft fits perfectly in almost any shoe or shoe size. The HeelSoft can also enhance the fit of your shoes in case they're too big.

Flexible, Comfortable and can be used for high heels, boots, flat shoes, dance shoes, etc
One size fits all: 14.3* 8.9(cm)
Material: Soft sponge with breathable cloth

Parcel included:
1 Pair of Heel Pads