360 Shower Head

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Bring a spa experience into your home

The new ShowerProp® propeller shower head is an amazing step towards innovative shower experiences that transform a daily ritual into so much more.

The new ShowerProp® propeller shower head uses innovative hydrodynamic rotary turbo settings and a combination of H20 laser perforated technology and water-saving micro-holes to transform your shower, significantly increasing water flow and saving money.

Increases the water pressure in your shower by up to 200% and reduces water consumption by up to 35%.

PP cotton filter

Our PP cotton filter significantly reduces chlorine and fluoride, toxins, heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides, rust and odors in shower water, improves water purification and maintains the pH balance of the water.

Our PP cotton filter makes hard water softer and purifies it into natural, clean water. This spring-like water feels good when showering and is good for our well-being

Clean water

The PP cotton filter significantly reduces water contamination, chlorine, suspended matter and bacteria and also helps to restore the pH balance of the hair and body .

The hidden effects of chlorine

Chlorine strips the natural oils from your hair and skin, making them dry, rough, and damaged. Your hair needs some of its natural oils to stay supple and healthy, and the chlorine draws those oils away from it . Chlorine can also cause chemical reactions in your hair, changing its natural color, weakening individual strands of hair and causing split ends . The oils removed from the skin can cause redness and irritation, depending on the sensitivity of the skin.

Healthier hair and skin

Our NEW PP cotton filter makes the water softer and filters out toxins, including chlorine. This purified water is much softer for the skin and healthier for the hair:

- Restoring your body's natural PH level.

- Less skin irritation and hair damage

- Stronger and healthier hair

 EcoFlow stop button

The EcoFlow stop button m is suitable for washing long hair, children and pets - maintains the water temperature without having to use the water valve .

 Innovative design and high quality

At ShowerProp, we are committed to developing innovative shower heads that are high quality and durable. To ensure the highest standards, we use high quality materials and work directly with our manufacturers.