Multi-purpose Ice Scraper Shovel

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Never be caught out again, this multi-purpose snow shovel will move snow fast to help get you free from any situation.   



The Multi-purpose Snow Shovel is designed to tick many boxes for snow shovel users. Designed to be car friendly and offer features for clearing your car of snow and ice the shovel is also compact enough to fit in and around the vehicle underbody and wheels.   



Main Features

️ A four-in-one multi-tool!

IDEAL FOR: Clearing SnowCar Safety, Breaking iceClearing windscreensEDC,  Stow on your back pack and take it with you.

️Specific Design

The compact size with angled handle ergonomics and flared, extra-depth scoop make it ideal for clearing snow in a pinch. Our custom squeegee blades can be used to clear glass from dirt or bugs.

️ Easy To Use

With a removable ice scraper tipreplaceable elastomer squeegee protection wings, super durable composite material construction that is near indestructible, ergonomic design for ease-of-use and safety reflectors this shovel is going to last a lifetime and could save your life.

️ High-Quality Material

Made from super tough ABSPC the shovel can withstand heavy use, even capable of being driven over. It"s compact and lightweight form make it ideal as a survival shovel that can be used in skiingbackcountrysnowmobile or avalanche situations.

Safe &Secure

The Stayhold Compact Safety Shovel hasrubber squeegeeon the sides for brushing off snow from your vehicle, while reflectors on the rear let you use it as an additional safety signal when the need arises. 

A recessed section between the front and rear grips can serve as a storage area for first aid kit, gloves, or some other small items, with four cut-out sections for passing through straps to secure whatever gear you decide to stash in there.

 Compact Size

There-when-you-need-it, the snow shovel is small enough to keep anywhere in your car so you always have to it hand when you need it.


Product Weight:  Small -140G     Medium-200G      Large-330G

Material: ABSPC

Product Size(L x W x H):    Small-24 × 12 × 5cm , Medium-22× 15 × 6cm , Large - 45 x 20x 6  cm

Package Contents:       

 Multi-purpose Snow Shovel × 1