Adjustable Eyebrow Shapes Stencil

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Create your best eyebrow look in a swift stroke

The beauty is in the eyes and there is no better way of highlighting them than through your eyebrows! Fabrow makes filling them evenly the easiest part about setting your makeup!Align the accessory to the center of your head and you’ll easily fill your eyebrows to achieve a flawless symmetrical look that’s nothing less than perfect!Creating a definition to your eyes that makes the heads turn is way easier than you think! The brows are the least of your worries with Fabrow around!

Perfect On Fleek Eyebrows In Just A Blink Of An Eye! Great beauty tool for making your eyebrows on fleek.

Choose the perfect stencil that matches your natural brow shape.

With Adjustable Eyebrow Shapes Stencil you can easily draw thrush without having to worry about the wrong place. Nicely groomed eyebrows can make all the difference when it comes to framing your face.

Help to accurately position and feel great satisfaction on your brows and see the stunning results! It could be more accurate for those who are in the beginning stages of the permanent makeup eyebrow and lip.

FEATURES: Ergonomic, Precise, Adjustable 3-in-1 Scale Function – Matches your natural eyebrow shape perfectly so you can make your brows look natural and symmetrical. You can adjust the eyebrow stencil scale to match your natural brow shape and choose from three different styles.

The scale is also easy and convenient to use as it doesn’t unnecessarily slide out of place nor does it require complicated instructions.

Compact and Portable – Easily folds the eyebrow shaping kit to fit any small-sized container.

The adjustable eyebrow shaper can easily be disassembled then reassembled for later use.

You can keep the eyebrow template in its original colorful tin container or any small bag, pouch, and purse.

Reusable and Washable – Maintains high quality even after repeated use.

You can shape your eyebrows whenever you want without worrying about chipped plastic or breakage.

This adjustable eyebrow shapes the stencil tool stays durable even when it is rinsed with water or washed so the eyebrow template remains clean and hygienic to use.

Safe for Sensitive Skin – No harmful ingredients are added to the eyebrow stencil’s material.

The eyebrow stencil won’t cause any breakouts or harmful reactions during use.

Even if you have sensitive skin, you can still shape your brows with confidence.

Safe, durable, and environmentally-friendly – Each adjustable eyebrow shapes stencil is coated with ABS plastic.

The coating is durable and heat-resistant so you can store this eyebrow template anywhere in your home.

HOW TO USE: Firstly, choose one eyebrow style.

Why Fabrow is for you

Symmetric all the way- Following up the proportions with your pencil you can easily achieve a symmetrical eyebrow look that highlights your eyes perfectly!

Steal their hearts- Your glare becomes irresistible when your eyebrows are on fleek! The look you achieve will be unrivaled!

Make it simple- Beginner or a pro, it’s easy to make visible mistakes. Take the easy way to achieve eyebrow perfection!

Fabrow is the ultimate choice- Filling in your eyebrows evenly now takes less time, nerves and always an even finish!

Then, a fixed buttonhole on the eyebrow stencil.

Put the eyebrow stencil template on your eyebrow. To adjust and bend the stencil in order to make it fit your face.

Don’t worry that it will break, if broken you can returns.

Design your eyebrows. Finally, using an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder with a brush to lightly fill in the stencil.

SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Plastic Color: Pink, White, Black Size: 11cmx10cmx7cm