Children Waterproof Bib

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 Did you know that when you throw your baby's cloth bib in the washing machine, they aren’t coming out free from bacteria?

⚠️ Studies have found that 60% of washing machines tested positive for the presence of coliform bacteria, which comes from feces; 20% of these machines also contained staph, which can cause skin infections that can be quite dangerous. As a parent, you never stop worrying about the health and well-being of your little one.  The last thing you want is having those nasty little germs close to your bays mouth in their feeding times.


Keep your baby safe and clean with the new adorable Waterproof Bib! Our baby bibs are made from food-grade, soft and stain-resistant silicone. You can easily wash it or boil it to have a 100% germ-FREE bib ready for the next meal!



 🦠100% Germ-Free: This food-grade silicone can be boiled eliminating 100% of the germs that can make your baby sick! It is also UV sterilizer safe and Steam sterilizer safe! Every meal is better when you know its actually making your baby healthier!

💧A bib that makes cleaning easier:The extra-large crumb catcher is big enough to keep the clothes stay clean and the wide shoulder design gives your little one more coverage from the neck down.

👶🏻Help your baby develop:Children go through developmental stages as they learn to feed themselves! This elephant baby bib makes lunch fun and easy! 

🚼Perfect for the  "on the go mom":  Easy for cutlery storage or transport in your diaper bag! Easy to fold and store it back without making a mess in your bag!





You can easily go through several cloth bibs a  day, and different activities require a specific type of bib. The new silicone elephant Bib does it all! keep your little one dry, comfortable, and clean!

Some babies and toddlers are just big droolers, while others only drool when they’re teething, either way, our lightweight bib is waterproof and will keep their shirt from getting soaked (and potentially irritating the skin underneath) The germ-Free BIB is perfectly safe for them to bite since is extremely soft to the touch and completely BPA/Phthalate free.

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