CalfPro Calf Stretcher

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Leg therapy at your own convenience

FootRock - Calf, Ankle & Plantar Muscle Stretch Board lets you perform foot stretches for healthier feet and legs and relieves pain. It helps treat foot pain such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, heel and ankle strain by improving blood flow and reducing fatigue.

FootRock is the right tool to support the foot and leg muscles as it reduces the risk of injury. It eases pain, eases muscle fatigue, and helps you regain back your range of mobility

Your feet can suffer from many problems but they need only one solution to regain their health! CalfPro gives you instant relief from stiffness and an easy way of stretching and strengthening your lower legs!

You can use it anywhere to improve your foot’s health, flexibility and longevity while warming up your muscles and releasing built-up tension from injuries and strains!

CalfPro gives you a quick way to recovery and a straight path to healthy, strong and resilient lower legs! Put a spring to your step and enjoy a life free of leg problems!

Why CalfPro is for you

An instant warmup- Need to ready your legs for a demanding challenge, easily stretch them fully to avoid the chance of injuries!

Pain-proof your feet- A stiff foot leads to lots of pain, just a 10 mins session a day guarantees to keep your lower legs healthy and strong!

Orthopedic therapy at home- Healing your injuries doesn’t need to be painful, easily release the built-up tension to avoid future discomfort!

CalfPro is the ultimate choice- After a long day of walking all you need to relieve your feet of pain is a quick stretch with CalfPro!