Maria365™ Eyebrow Shaping Kit

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The brow kit you can’t live without

Styling your brows shouldn't be as hard as it is! You can take the stress out of your mornings and enjoy an even brow look that’s effortless to make and never out of style! makes even brows possible in seconds, all you need to do is align the stamper to your brow and puff the definer until they reach the volume and color of your desire!

Instant volumization- Bring out the full volume of your brows in just a few seconds of effortless consecutive puffing! Sharpen your gaze- Give yourself an irresistible advantage, draw everyone in with a polarizing brow look only you can achieve! Even every time- Tired of endlessly evening out your brows, give them a flawless look that takes no less than a minute to complete! Our is the ultimate choice- There is no need to waste your time trying to perfect your brows manually when Fullgaze can sharpen them in seconds!

Eyebrow Stamp Waterproof and Eyebrow Definer – vengadge.comDesigned For Quality

Our special eye stamp formulae will allow you to apply the perfect amount of brow color and definition at the intensity you want. The formulae is completely eco / vegan friendly and is made from the best quality cosmetic ingredients. This also gives the stamp strong adhesive properties helping the makeup last for 24 hours without staining or fading due to sweat or rain.


Various Shapes For All Brows

We know there's many eyebrow shapes out there, thus through a lot of customer feedback we compiled 10 different eyebrow templates, that can work one anyone and give you a new and unique look each time! Helping eliminate the stress and save time when doing eyebrows in the morning. These 10 templates are suitable on 98% of the population and not only suitable for beginners, but also professionals. Please see the attached images for more info.


Different Kits For Different Needs

We not only provide a range of different colours to suit different tones, but also provide a variety of kits. Our main kit includes,

1x Eyebrow Brush

1x URQT Eyebrow Stamp

10x Unique Eyebrow Stencils