Hair Grooming Kit

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The gentleman's grooming kit

You deserve to look at your best even when you are at your worst! Fintrim helps thousands of men across the world easily maintain a fresh groomed facial look!

The cordless design, multiple attachments and powerful motor give you the freedom and power to cut hair, trim beards, or make clean shaves that will put even the barber to shame! The small head makes it easy to go around sensitive areas and design intricate details for more refined hair and beard styles! Choose the gentleman’s way of grooming!

Used worldwide, voltage 110-240v, 50 / 60Hz Three colors, same quality Cut and contour of hair, neckline and beard. Aluminum alloy shell, lightweight design, will not be tired after working for a long time 7500Rpm rotary motor, easy to cut USB charging Carbon steel blade, automatic grinding technology, the more edge you use, blade width 40mm Compatible with original detail blades

Why Fintrim is for you

Become unstoppable- Cut your hair without anything holding you back, enjoy the seamless glides and cordless freedom Fintrim gives you! Design a new you- From new hairstyles to intricate touch-ups, Fintrim gives you the power and precision to transform your whole style!

Grooming made easy- Highlight your facial features in a fresh new way, easily maintain a well-groomed look for just a few seconds every day! Fintrim is the ultimate choice- Ditch the weak clippers and blunt blades for a professional trimmer suited for all your daily needs! Machine size 160mm * 40mm Fixing combs: 1.5 / 2/3 / 4mm Charging time: 2 hours Operating time: 3 hours Lithium-ion battery provides power, the battery can be removed and replaced