KrazyDisk - UFO Interactive Cat Toy

$59.99 $119.99

Every Cheerful Cat's Favorite Toy!

Looking for the perfect toy to keep your loving cat entertained all day? Our unique KrazyDisk will surely capture your Cat's eye with its swift movement and colorful design.

The KrazyDisk is fitted with a fascinating feather that your cat will enjoy chasing around. Plus, the KrazyDisk moves all on its own, making it fun for your cat to chase around your home.

Key Benefits

Fun Toy - Every cat enjoys a good mouse chase, which is why the KrazyDisk is an amazing toy to have in your home. The KrazyDisk swiftly moves around and keeps your pet active throughout the day.

Continuous Movement - The KrazyDisk continuously moves even when it bumps against furniture or walls. This way, your cat can have unrestricted fun all day long!

Rechargeable Design - To make sure that the fun never stops, the KrazyDisk is fitted with a rechargeable battery. This ensures hours of uninterrupted play.

Attractive Design - Our premium KrazyDisk comes with multiple lighting functions to keep your pet entertained. Plus, it's shapes just like a UFO, making it cute and fun to look at.