MARIA365™ 2 in 1 Phone Cleaner

$19.99 $40

Squeaky Clean Phone In Seconds
Our 2-in-1 phone screen cleaner not only has a bottle to spray your phone, but also cloth around the bottle to clean your screen in one wipe! No one likes nasty, smudgy, greasy, phones.

Just Give It A Spray And Swipe Away! - Have you ever had to deal with a dirty, greasy, phone screen and had NOTHING to wipe it down with? We understand it can be frustrating and downright gross. Nobody wants to deal with a screen full of harmful bacteria. This is why we created the SwipeAway.

What Makes it Special? -The lightweight and convenient design of the SwipeAway is great for everyday carry. It fits anywhere! Whether that's in your pocket, purse or even leaving it in your car. Nothing beats it.

 How Should I Use the SwipeAway? -To use the SwipeAway, all it takes is TWO easy steps. Step 1: Spray your phone or any screen that needs cleaning. Step 2: Wipe it down with any side of the SwipeAway. That's all it takes to eliminate any smudges or bacteria hiding on your screen's surfaces.

Phone screens are some of the dirtiest surfaces we come in contact with everyday! Did you know that a phone screen can be up to 10 times DIRTIER than a toilet seat! You would never want to put your face up against a toilet seat, yet lots of people put their phone up to their face without realizing how dirty they are. Get your SwipeAway and get rid of that bacteria!

material: plastic
Size: 9*2.7*2.7cm
Color: gray, pink
Package includes: 1*clean spray bottle