Maria365™ 360 Pet Washer Tool

$34.99 $70

Easily and efficiently clean your dog in minutes!

Bath time can be a stressful time for you and your dog, especially if your dog is fearful of water! Many pet owners are all too familiar with this problem— the paws out in protest, the squirming and wriggling upon setting foot in the bathroom, the shaking at the sound of running water.


Make cleaning your dog a positive experience for him and You!

Our Dog Shower Ring made of high-quality PP plastic and silicone materials. Nontoxic and skin-friendly material that allows you to safely and easily washing and rinsing your dogs.

Save water by using only when necessary. 

Simply attach to the hose and add soap, it will mix with water instantly to wash your pup. It is with 360 degrees cleaning system, which fits all large and small dogs to give baths from head to toe.

The fastest and easiest way to bathe your dog

The Dog Shower Ring comes with a pressure control valve on the top of the handle, you can adjust the water pressure to your dog’s liking. It is the best pet grooming and washing tool for furry friends.

Don't make a mess.

Cleans at All Angles: Circular hose washer which sprays water at 360°, washes pet’s fur at every angle, even at hard-to-reach areas.

Extremely easy to use.

Two Cleaning Modes: Not only able to rinse but also able to spray shampoo with water to wash away dirt from pet’s fur.

Gentle & Fast Washing: 

Light water sprays to avoid scaring the pet, but easily able to clean in just a few minutes. Suitable for any size of pets, big or small.

  • Material: ABS + PP Plastic, Silicone
  • Color: Grey
  • Diameter: 15.7” (40cm)
  • Length: 25.6” (65cm)
  • Weight: 16.9oz (480g)