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Start taking the right dental care and get a dentist-approved smile from the comfort of your home. Remove calculus, stains, and tartar from your teeth.
Boost your confidence with a Hollywood-worthy smile! Bring out the best side of yourself!

Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner

Having clean white and healthy teeth is priceless. The ultrasonic teeth cleaner cleans plaque and removes stains effortlessly. Take care of your teeth and achieve a bright smile.

Made of high-tech alloy steel and non-slip silicone, the ultrasonic tooth cleaner won't rust and is easy to hold. Cleans stains from teeth whenever you want. 

REMOVES MULTIPLE STAINS   Our electric cleaner has 5 speeds and is specially designed to remove the toughest stains such as plaque, tartar and debris from your teeth and gums.

ADJUSTABLE FREQUENCY:  Vibrates up to 20,000 times per minute and allows you to choose the most comfortable speed according to your personal preference.

Ultrasonic Electric Dental Cleaner Device

SAFE AND WATERPROOF MATERIAL:  Made of food grade silicone it has a waterproof structure making this device fully submersible and durable.

How to Use

1.- Connect and Charge your DentiCare™ until the green light tells you it is ready to use.
2.- Brush your teeth with your regular toothbrush.
3.- Look for all tooth impurities you want to get rid of.
4.- Turn on your DentiCare™ and gently rub the metal tip on all the places you see calculus, tartar, or stain!
5.- Repeat this process until your teeth are cristal clear and maintain your perfect smile by using it once a week!

If you want to enjoy all the benefits The DentiCare™ has for you.


Package includes:

1x DentiCare ™ ultrasonic dental scaler.
1x USB charging cable
1x user manual