PoochFit - Dog Winter Fleece

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PoochFit - For Your Best Bud's Comfort During the Winter

Keep your pet cozy and dry when enjoying long walks outdoors by dressing them in our premium PoochFit. With its full upper body coverage and double layered fleece material, the Poochfit gives your pet a lasting and comforting hug. You can forget about scuffles with your dog because Jackpaw slips almost on its own! Just fit the paws, zip the top and you are ready for a walk in the winter!

The Poochfit is reinforced with a built-in harness that easily attaches to any standard leash. This gives you full control over your pet without being too overbearing or restrictive of their movements. The premium polyester guarantees not only warmth but protection from moisture to keep your dog away from seasonal harms at all times! Gift your buddy something that will warm it's heart forever!

Key Benefits

Durable support - Most pets tend to tug and pull on their leashes, which is why the Poochfit was carefully made with sturdy and high-quality materials. This way, your pet won't accidentally break away from the vest while you're in the middle of walking them.  Comforting fit - Regardless of the weather, the Poochfit provides outstanding comfort to your pup. Not only that, but the Poochfit is also water and wind-proof, protecting your pet from the harsh cold.

Sturdy hardware - To further ensure the durability of the vest, the Poochfit is fitted with rugged D-rings that are basically indestructible. These D-rings are directly attached to the harness, giving you a sturdy anchor point for the leash. Reflective exterior - The Poochfit is enhanced with a highly reflective exterior so that your pet remains visible to you or others during the night. This is especially useful when you walk your dog along sidewalks, highways, or busy parks.

Warm all winter long- Once zipped inside, the cold won’t bother your furry friend anymore more so the winter walks can be always enjoyable! Clothed in a heartbeat- Putting it on takes less than a minute thanks to the splitting zipper at the top. Slip the paws, up the zipper and you are ready to go! A fit for all- Jackpaw comes in various sizes to fit medium or small-sized dogs and in many colors to choose from to match your look with theirs! Jackpaw is the ultimate choice- Comfort in the cold is always guaranteed for your dog! The fun doesn’t stop with the freezing temperatures anymore!