SeedSquare - SeedSpace Space Maximizing Growth

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Perfectly Plot Plant Beds With Our Handy SeedSquare

Grow a variety of plants in one spot with ease and confidence with the help of the SeedSquare. Our mighty SeedSquare helps you to evenly space out seeds to maximize your planting space.

Even better, the use of the SeedSquare results in a neat and organized garden. Plus, it enables plants of different varieties to co-exist while they grow. 

Key Benefits

Convenient Tool - With its handy design, the SeedSquare helps you plot perfectly spaced holes to drop seeds in. It comes with different holes in various patterns, making it perfect for all sorts of plants.

Easy To Use - Simply position the SeedSquare on top of a plot of land, choose your desired pattern, and use the seed spoon to press on the dirt. Once done, fill up the holes with seeds and water the soil when needed.

Versatile Design - Our premium SeedSquare enables you to create multiple patterns in the soil. This way, you can choose the perfect pattern for the specific seeds that you're planting.

Durable Build - Made with heavy-duty materials, the SeedSquare is built for regular use. It's thick and solid, which means that it won't easily breakdwon, bend, or chip away.