SteamStick - Mini Portable Handheld Steamer

$64.99 $129.99

Get Wrinkle-Free Clothes In An Instant!

Wear your clothes with pride by ironing out all the wrinkles with our powerful SteamStick. The SteamStick straightens out your clothes without damaging the fabric.

With its convenient handheld design, the SteamStick is easy to maneuver throughout your garment. Plus, it's a simple way to soften the fabric before you put on your outfit.

Key Benefits

Handheld Design - Our premium SteamStick provides ease of use and extreme convenience. Its ergonomic makes it easy to hold onto while you're steam ironing your clothes.

For Any Fabric - Due to its gentle yet effective steaming mechanism, the SteamStick is perfect for any type of fabric. It ensures that you get Smooth and wrinkle-free clothes each time.

Portable Size - The SteamStick is perfect or frequent travelers that need to steam their clothes almost anywhere. It's compact enough to pack in a bag for easy travel.

Multiple Modes - This SteamStick comes with multiple steaming modes to match your needs. This way, you can remove wrinkles from jeans, t-shirts, suits, and more.

Package Contents:
1 x iron
1 x measuring cup
1 x brush
1 x wall rack