TheraSoothe - Compressed Therapy Headache - Migraine Relief Cap

$39.99 $79.99

Experience Instant Relief From Head Aches And Migraines

Get rid of annoying headaches and extreme discomfort with the help of the TheraSoothe. Our premium TheraSoothe provides you with full head coverage and cooling for a more relaxing experience.

The TheraSoothe is filled with cooling gel that can be frozen or cooled in the fridge before use. Simply wear it around your head when experiencing discomfort and remove once the coolness dissipates.

Key Benefits

Comfy Wear - Unlike your regular cooling pad, the TheraSoothe is designed to cradle your head. It's stretchy cloth keeps it secure without fitting too tight around your head.

Highly Effective - Despite its simple design, the TheraSoothe provides you with instant relief from headaches. Once you feel the cool comfort of the TheraSoothe, you'll remain relaxed all day.

Multipurpose Use - Whether you're experiencing headaches or you simply want to relax, the TheraSoothe is for you. It's also great to use when you're meditating after a long day.

Portable Design - The TheraSoothe is extremely compact and easy to carry around. Simply fold it up and pack it in a bag when you're on the go.