Trunkee - Three Piece Elephant Statue

$29.99 $59.99

A Whimsical Piece Of Art To Add To Your Home

Give your space something cute and heartwarming by displaying our one-of-a-kind Trunkee. The Trunkee is unlike any other figurine that you've seen before! It's uniquely designed with a mother elephant holding up her babies with her trunk.

The design of the Trunkee adds dimension to your simple tabletop, coffee table, or cabinet. It's not only beautiful, but it also brings out a feeling of love and comfort wherever you place it.

Key Benefits

Beautiful details - The Trunkee is perfectly molded to get every feature and detail of an elephant. From the elephant's ears to their trunks, the Trunkee is absolutely stunning!

Place it anywhere - Place the Trunkee on top of any table to give it a bit of unique style and beauty. Happily watch the baby elephants hang from their mother's trunk while you enjoy your cup of tea and coffee.

Versatile design - Our unique Trunkee gives a lasting impression to anyone who sees it. It's an amazing conversation starter, especially due to its unconventional design.

Amazing gift - Its undoubted beauty makes the Trunkee a great gift for family and friends. It's especially perfect for people who love nature and like adding unique qualities to their home.

Material: synthetic resin
Weight: about 160g
Size: 10x5x5cm (mother elephant), 5x2.5cm (small elephant)